she falls down a sidewalk crack


does anyone have nhl gamecenter live?

"I’m an easygoing guy. I’ll have a beer and relax. Hockey is my passion, my job, and my career. But there’s still more to life than hockey."

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happy 29th birthday alex!

happy 29th birthday alex!

The Benn brothers


who would win in a fight: jordie probs
who would be a better roommate: mm probably jordie
who’s better in bed: i just made a super disgusted face; wish i’d gotten that on camera. umm jamie benn is basically a frat boy so he probably doesn’t even know where to put it. i’m gonna go with jordie
who i’d pick to be my presidential running mate: ??? jamie, i guess. if we gave him a makeover and some professional conduct lessons
whose shoulder i’d cry on: jordie i guess. he’s a middle child
who would make a better parent: i’m not comfortable giving either of them a child right now
who i’d rather date: neither oh god

Send me two players and I’ll tell you:


  1. Who would win in a fight
  2. Who would be a better roommate
  3. Who’s better in bed
  4. Who I’d pick to be my presidential running mate
  5. Whose shoulder I’d cry on
  6. Who would make a better parent
  7. Who I’d rather date

Valeri Nichushkin 


Valeri Nichushkin 

modanos i vote for you to post more selfies, too!


friendship with me????

  • sad headcanons
  • trying to make u ship threesomes with me
  • whining
  • puns
  • telling you to get the fuck out
  • i’ll probably write you fic but never finish it

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The amount of selfies Val has posted lately is appalling, i.e. he has posted none.

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hockey text posts

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Just when I thought Ant-Man couldn’t be more mess up, this happened.

Okay so they’re not combining Janet and Cassie but on the other hand this might be worse

irl bros bromances: jordie & jamie benn or luke & brayden schenn?

Semi-Automatic Kids
Twenty One Pilots; MGMT


"I’m semi-automatic, my prayer’s schizophrenic." "Control yourself, take only what you need from it."

MASH UP: Semi-Automatic by Twenty One Pilots (vs) Kids by MGMT

editors note: dance.


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